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Personal Responsibilities
By making a booking or attending a booking you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.  Please ensure to read them carefully before using our Paddock.
Many Thanks
Estelle & Mark
Upon using our online booking form you will then receive a confirmation email, confirming time date and access code to the secure gated entrance to the enclosure.
Although we carry out daily intermittent checks to the paddock, it is your responsibility to assess the suitability of the facility for your own dog(s) before off lead use.
Whilst the paddock is scured to a 6ft fence we cannot guarantee the safety for every dog.
In keeping with the law regarding responsible ownership you are entirely responsible for your safety and that of your dogs safety whilst using our facility at Farmlands Adventure Dog Paddock.  The law states that you should be in control of your dog(s) at all times regardless of whether you attend the booking or a representative on your behalf.
No responsibility will be accepted by Farmlands Canine Country Club – Adventure Dog Paddock (Miss E Read & Mr M Hewitt) for damage , injury or death sustained to individuals or animals however caused whilst on site.  This also includes hazards of the countryside such as uneven ground, insect stings/bites, wild plants, flowers or vegetation within the grounds.
You as the customer take full liability/responsibility for yourself and all other guests that attend your booking with you including the dogs attending your booking.
The agreement made through the terms and conditions does not give you any rights over land and the customer hiring the field accepts the landowner Mr M Hewitt maintains control and possession of the land at all times.
We allow up to 5 dogs for the agreed time slot so if you want to share the booking with a friend you can do so, all dogs need to be from 2 households maximum.
The weather cannot be used as a cancellation excuse for last minute cancellations, please check the forcast 48 hours before your visit to ensure suitability.
Withdrawal of facility
Farmlands Canine Country Club (Miss E Read & Mr M Hewitt)  reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the facility at their discretion, for example this could be due to weather conditions or where individuals have not complied with the conditions of use.  Subject t o the reason for withdrawal a full refund will be made however we hold no responsibility to any other expenses incurred or loss sustained by the client as a result of withdrawal from the facility.
Health & Wellbeing
All dogs using the field must be fully up to date with all vaccinations to include Kennel Cough and on a regular flea and worm regime.
You must not attend a booking if your dog has shown any signs of illness including sickness, diarrhoea, coughing, within 48 hours prior to your booking. You must not bring your dog to the paddock if they appear unwell or have any infectious diseases.  Any dogs that have recently had Kennel Cough must not attend the paddock unless they have been clear of symptoms for at least 14 days.
Any socialisation events held in the paddock are for well socialised non reactive dogs only.  Unfortunately bitches in season cannot attend.
At this time there are no toilet facilities on site.
Children are welcome however you take full responsibility for them, and must be supervised at all times.  Children are not allowed to operate the gates.
Children must not climb on the fencing or gates.
Any equipment in the paddock is strictly for canine use only.  You will be charged for any damages or breakages.
Arriving & Parking
You are responsible for finding the location of the paddock on the day of your booking and will not refund any lost time due to lateness.  Directions for the paddock and what 3 words link can all be obtained from our website www.farmlands-ashby.co.uk
The time slot you book for is for 50 minutes use of the paddock, this gives you 10 minutes to get your dog back into the vehicle exit and secure the gate behind you ready for the next person to use it on the hour.
The parking space within the paddock is the graveled area inside the gate and is for one vehicle only, if you have another vehicle with you please use the graveled are outside of the gate.
Access to the Farmlands Canine Country Club is accessed only via the A511, we ask you to respect our farm and upon entering please drive slowly down the lane to reach the paddock at the end of the drive on the left.
If there is another user in the paddock upon arrival all visitors and dogs must remain in the vehicle until their session has ended and they have vacated the paddock at which you will be able to access, secure the gate behind you and release your dog(s).
We accept no liability for any loss or damage to vehicles whilst on our site.
Litter & Waste
You are responsible for supervising your dog(s) please bag up your dog waste and dispose of it in the bins provided along with any other rubbish.
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